Outstanding project management

The quality of finish is important – but so is the journey. We place you at the hub of the wheel to ensure that you are satisfied at every stage.

Looking after you and your project are Simon, Oly and Barry. We are your partners for the journey and on hand whenever you need us.


We check in with your architect to make sure we have latest set of plans and are fully aware of any amendments or constraints on planning permission. We make sure building control are appointed and they have all relevant information.

An electrician will assess the drawings and confirm your choice of light, switch and socket positions. They will inspect existing wiring, earthing and your fuse board – and advise if upgrades are required. The plumber will discuss with you the most suitable positions for radiators and their controls.

We make sure your household disruption is kept to a minimum. This could involve erecting temporary walls or fencing, or setting up a temporary kitchen sink and washing facilities.

Help with your selections

There will be many choices and decisions to make on the fixtures and fittings that will be installed in your home. This part should be fun – and we can help:

  • discuss your options for materials and finish

  • develop room layouts

  • suggest the best showrooms to visit

  • coordinate colour schemes and final decorations

On budget

We carry out any site surveys or visits necessary to confirm our price estimates. Your scope of works details what labour, materials and product supply are included in our price. For clarity, items not included will also be noted.

You have a schedule of payment due dates and can view your account balance, payments, and agreed variations from your tablet, phone or PC.

Keeping on track

You are no doubt eager to begin – but once underway the focus will be when you can enjoy your new space. You will have access to an online schedule of works (Gantt Chart) showing all the key stages of the project. Let us know if you want a certain activity prioritised or rescheduled for any reason, and feel free to ask us to clarify details about your timeline.

If circumstances change due to real-time events, your schedule will be altered to reflect the changes. Our dedicated system is updated regularly and your plan is available to view at any time – from anywhere!

Our projects team visit site at least every other day, usually every day. Material deliveries are organised as needed so tradesmen can be on site to focus on their tasks and not queuing at builders’ merchants or spending time in a van.

We are not aware of any other domestic builder / installer who is so dedicated to keeping their customers informed and on track.

Online Gannt Chart to check progress at any time


A mobile group is set up for quick sharing of thoughts & updates between you and our projects team. Bi-weekly site meetings with our director helps focus day-to-day questions and queries, and enables us to bounce ideas off each other as the job progresses, seeking ways to improve the design or query any of our tradesmen’s tasks or actions.

Household circumstances can change – such as illness, work, holidays. We make sure you can always reach us in case there is an out of hours in case of emergency.


Challenges will present themselves on your journey. We can draw on our broad experience to find workable solutions to enable work to continue. Our lead tradesmen have at least 15-20 years’ experience developing local homes, and are able to adapt quickly.